Castle Hill Farm's Little Cluck Club provides educational opportunities for our youth in agriculture! 


Provide your family with the educational experience of backyard farming by throwing your child's next birthday party here at the farm for a day full of memories they'll never forget!  Stay tuned for upcoming planting workshops for you and your child!


There's lots to do here at Castle Hill Farm and much more coming soon with The Little Cluck Club!


Stephanie Paproski - Founder
Stephanie grew up on Castle Hill farm, being around livestock, including chickens, all her life. Having a love for teaching others what she learned growing up, she founded The Little Cluck Club. Agriculture has always been a driving force in our commitment and passion for a natural life. 
We believe that the traditional market that used to supply the town with produce is a cornerstone to every community and having the opportunity to do so yourself is a goal to The Little Cluck Club. Raising chickens in your own backyard is an experience all families should be able to enjoy, and through our programs, it is now possible! We are constantly looking for new ways to get families to appreciate and get more involved in agriculture.



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